OneFID | OneFID a platform for made-to-measure footwear products.
OneFID a platform for made-to-measure footwear products. The bridge between footwear manufacturers and end-customers. An opportunity to change the shoe industry.
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OneFID – One Digital Fitting Identity

We´re living in the 21th century. Why do you still shop your shoes with shoe sizes? OneFID is the digital bridge between traditional shoe production and fashionable customers.

The OneFID Idea

OneFID is a sales platform uniquely designed to highlight made-to-measure footwear products.

For decades, the shoe industry has relied on the mass production of identical shoes. At best they are produced in a semi-standardised 2-dimensional size range, which varies significantly between countries and continents. With OneFID we leverage latest 3D Technology to deliver mass-customization in the shoe market. The vision is to revolutionize the shoe market with 21st century technology. The secret is customising a digital shoe last, made with the highest accuracy using our digital know-how and your foot measurements. The products range from physical products for consumers such as made-to-measure shoes and insoles to digital products for shoe brands and manufacturers. The most exciting USP we offer the option to order shoes without size – just with the customer’s OneFID.

The OneFID Core

Our challenge is to create one unified platform to achieve a single OneFID (One Digital Fitting Identity) per consumer. Over the last year we tackled this challenge and created an automated foot-last-adaption process called the ‘OneFID Core’.

With the Core we can serves multiple applications within the shoe industry. It will also be the starting point for new industry standards for foot data and shoe production. The core is based upon multiple algorithms that are processing digital foot data from consumers and matching them with manufacturers’ product data in a fully automated way.

The core acts as the base of the OneFID platform and is usable as a plugin in external websites and thus will enable a new form of footwear shopping.

How we started.

Die Schuhleister GmbH & Co. KG is the host of Since our founding in 2016 we and before, we learnt how to build shoes in an industrial setting, starting at batch one. We also created an initial sales platform, established first contracts with scanning and footwear partners and fulfilled end-consumer orders for made-to-measure footwear products. Involving major shoe manufacturers, health insurances and scanning companies we discovered the timeliness and urgent need for a wholesome solution. Thus, we created the new concept for the OneFID platform.


It is time NOW to roll out OneFID – so soon, we will officially launch

What we do for customers.

It is estimated that in Europe 80% of all people are wearing the wrong sized shoes. Feet may differ from left to right in length, width and height leaving the customer with the choice to buy the least ‘ill-fitting’ version. However, wrong footwear can impact your posture, causing significant strain on hip, knee and ankle joints. With OneFID we leverage latest 3D Technology and offer you a solution to your fitting issue, less hassle when shopping online and participation in the customization trend.


OneFID means for you: receiving Footwear that is 100% your feet & 100% your style.

Benefits for Partners!

Become a footwear partner

As a footwear brand, manufacturer or traditional shoemaker, you can become a partner of OneFID and sell your shoes on our platform. Customers are buying shoes on our platform directly from you as best-fit or made to fit versions.

  • Best Fit means your customers will receive a recommendation of the best fitting standard sized shoe in your portfolio. Customer’s will not choose their own sizes but our algorithm chooses the best fitting option.  This way, we reduce return quotes drastically. Plus we help you to offer semi-customized shoes by digital fitting of insoles and production of 3D-printed insoles


  • Made-to-Fit means your customers will choose their preferred shoe and you will create them made-to-measure for them. In order to do so, our OneFID Core creates automatically creates a made-to-measure shoe last, based on the customer’s foot data and your base lasts. You can choose if you want to receive  the last physically i.e. 3D printed or CNC milled, or digital i.e. as CAD data that you can use to create the lasts your self.

If you don’t have a scanning solution – don’t you worry, we got your back! A customer only needs to be scanned once by one of our scanning partners in order to buy shoes from any footwear partner on the website.

Join the scanning network

If you already have a scanning solution or you are a scanning solution provider, we help you to monetize your data further! All your scanned customers can buy best-fit or made-to-fit footwear on our platform. For each successful purchase you will be rewarded.

Our platform is not limited to a region or country, we help your scanned customers to receive footwear products from around the globe. Not only are you providing more possibilities to your customers, but you enable footwear partners to profit from your business as well. Imagine, your customers from Japan are able to easily buy Italian hand-made shoes; Hungarian shoemakers have a chance to expand to customers from Canada; YOU are the facilitator in between.


So, how does it work? First, during the on boarding process, we will evaluate your scan output and enable it for usage for our algorithm. Second, your locations and events will be presented in a special section on the platform. Third, receive your reward every month for every usage.

Four step manufacturing process

With the OneFID System, we leverage latest 3D Technology to deliver mass-customization in the shoe market. Our secret is customizing a shoe last, which is made with the highest accuracy, using our digital 3D know-how. Following an examplified process for traditional shoemakers:

3D Scan

Our measuring process begins with a 3D scan in order to get a digital model of your foot. The entire process takes less than 2 minutes and the result is a 100% accurate 3D model of your foot. Moreover, after scanning you receive the long-life OneFID number, thus next time you need to purchase new shoes all you need to do is choose the style.

Digital editing

Once a 3D scan of your foot is obtained it needs to be edited into a printable file. Depending on the final outcome (shoe, insole, shoe-tree etc.) the editing concludes of molding the foot volume in its entirety, the bottom side and the measurements individually. This process is so accurate, that tolerance for the measurements and the fitting of the last is less than 1mm!

3D Print

Instead of the traditional production of a wooden last, which is very time and price consuming, we produce our shoe lasts in-house using 3D printers. Our advanced 3D printing technology enables us to achieve a 100% accurate and individual shoe last, which could have never been made by human.


The individual shoe last is sent to the traditional shoemaker and the shoe is painstakingly constructed by hand around it. The result is a unique shoe that fits the contours of your feet perfectly. By providing our shoemakers with the 3D printed shoe lasts, we cut down the time of shoemaking process and therefore the price of final product.


Our Office:


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Telefon: +49 (0) 221 9581 7441


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Oliver Hofmann, Timo Marks

Founder & CEO

Timo Marks

Timo Marks is the founder OneFID GmbH formerly known as Schuhleister. He comes from a Management Consulting background. He has worked with several European organizations including arvato (Bertelsmann AG), which is a global service company. He recently finished his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kassel. He is also a university lecturer at the Fresenius Business School in Cologne, Germany and other universities.



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