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OneFID Plug-in: Converter

When customers log-in with their ONE FITTING ID, the plug-in uses the customer's foot scan file to feed OneFID converter making best-fit recommendation features for each product. The plug-in offers a reliable solution for retailers and end-customers to sell and purchase fitting products. The plug-in can be easily integrated into web shops and/or to a specific order management system.


OneFID Affiliate App

The OneFID App comes with swiping as a gamification factor where users can buy partner products under size recommendation features. New partners can join the affiliate app program and benefit from OneFID's customer base and market reachability.

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White Label App

OneFID's scanning app is highly reliable due to its great accuracy and ease of use. Partners can completely personalize the app and offer their customers the possibility to measure themselves with their own smartphone. Hence, customers can purchase products online in the right sizes getting rid of the annoying activity of returning none fitting articles by post while decreasing partner's logistics costs.

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Reports & Analyses

We understand the role data plays when making important strategic decisions. Therefore, OneFID can tailor its partner dashboard to provide insight and meaningful information. With data coming from OneFID service, our partners can optimize marketing campaigns, product portfolio, and lasts designs by understanding customer's needs and likes through our AI.

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